7 Digital Nomads Talk About Their Unique Modafinil Experience

Everybody and their mama has a different Modafinil experience. Some rave about the smart drug after just one time trying it out. While rare, others find they don’t feel much after testing the nootropic.

For most hustlers, students, and digital nomads – Modafinil has proven to be a reliable way to improve cognition and increase output. There’s a reason the nootropic is by far the bbest-sellingon the market.

Why? Because it works really, really well.

But I’ve talked about Modafinil a lot. You know I like it. I’ve harped on about how big of a fan I am for awhile now. I was hooked the first time I took Modafinil. That first 12-hours of pure focus had me wanting to use the nootropic every single week.

Have others had a similar Modafinil experience? Well, let’s dive in and find out. As the best nootropic around, many have tried it.

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P.S: I am no doctor. There are no doctors listed here. This article is for entertainment purposes only. Please see a medical professional before taking any pharmaceutical drug. 

7 Digital Nomads Talk About Their Modafinil Experience

Enough of my harping on and on. Let’s take a look at the Modafinil experiences of other students, CEOs, and online hustlers right now:

Dylan Madden of Calm & Collected talks about his experience with Modafinil:

“Modafinil is something that I use off and on. It is one of the best mind-enhancing drugs you can use. What I enjoy about Modafinil is that it doesn’t just smack me in the face and then go away.

Instead, Modafinil is a calm intense focus. The only warning that I have is that you plan what you want to do before taking it. Music and other things become amazing and will take hours away from you if you’re not careful.”

James of Red Pill Reviews talks about his Modafinil experience:

“I occasionally use modafinil on those days where I know I need to get a ton of work done. It helps me focus and keep pushing through for longer than I normally would. However, it is by no means a miracle drug. If you are looking for one of those, you will be disappointed.

On the other hand, if you have realistic expectations, I highly recommend giving modafinil a shot. I don’t use it daily or even weekly because I’m not a fan of relying on any substance to change my state. At the frequency I use modafinil, I haven’t experienced any negative side-effects so I don’t see any reason to not give it a shot.”

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Kyle from This Is Trouble talks about his experience with Modafinil here:

“While the description I copied above highlights sleep issues and wakefulness, the true power of Modafinil is in the unwavering focus it gives you. It’s absolutely incredible. Once you pop a Modafinil, you are just a man on a mission.

For example, in one Modafinil experience day, I built my entire niche site and wrote eight articles for it. I also cranked out a couple blog posts for This Is Trouble.

Another example: I wrote the 25,000 words of the first draft of The Harem Handbook & System in one Modafinil day. Now, it’s important to note that I already had the outline done and had already started writing. I did not come up with the idea and write 25,000 words in the same day.”

Victor Pride from Bold & Determined talks about taking Modafinil, too:

“And, baby, they weren’t lying then they said it helps you focus. The focus on modafinil is breathtaking. It is like being on a train, going through a tunnel. There is no way to go but forward and there are no other distractions. Modafinil is the ultimate tunnel vision.

Other than the extreme focus on modafinil, there are a couple other benefits which I love.

Modafinil was developed as a drug to treat narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a disease where people fall asleep randomly during the day, modafinil makes it so that they can stay awake. Of all the benefits of modafinil, staying awake is my favorite. You see, I often have to take a nap during the day. I can’t help it. I get tired and I fall asleep. I absolutely hate having to take a nap during the day, it feels like failure. While on modafinil there is no need to take a nap, there is no yawning, it is flat out impossible to nap on modafinil.”

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Phil Hawksworth talks about his experience taking Modafinil:

“As soon as I took the pill and sat down, I was instantly crazy focused and productive. I know this was pure placebo at this stage, the thing was barely half way down my gullet.

I worked solid for 3 hours, got a lot of stuff done and didn’t procrastinate. Then I had some food (still working whilst I was waiting for it to be cooked) and went back to the coffee shop for another 2 hours of solid work.

By this point I was started to waver and procrastinate, so I took a bit of a break, had more food and then went to the gym. It was my first time in a new gym – I had a great workout, but too many new variables to really assess the effect the modafinil had.

I was very focused and all about business. At one point I hit the bottom of the squat rack doing front squats, it knocked me off balance, causing me to miss the rep. This always pisses me off, but today I just seemed completely unfazed. Picked the bar up, put it back and went back to business, as though nothing happened. I would attribute that to the modafinil.”

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Alex Fortin talks about his experiences with Modafinil: 

“Some have described the concentration you get from taking Modafinil as being “laser focused”. This is exactly how I’d describe it too. I can work 14 hours in a row on my computer without going on Facebook or doing any meaningless task. I feel like nothing else matters and I won’t rest until my job is done.

If I take Modafinil first thing in the morning, I can work the first eight hours of the day without taking a break. I don’t feel hungry at all and only need to stop for bathroom breaks or to get some water. I become a bulldozer and I can complete any task that stands in front of me.

I have self-diagnosed ADD and taking Modafinil is the same game changer as drinking coffee. I start a project first thing in the morning and I can keep working on it until late at night without feeling tired.”

Mike Cernovich of Danger & Play talks about his Modafinil experience:

“Do you ever feel like you need to make an effort to access part of your brain when retrieving information? When writing or performing other cognitive tasks, it feels like I retrieve information stored in various filing cabinets. My conscious mind seeks out one filing cabinet for a piece of information, grabs and holds that information, and then goes into another filing cabinet for an additional piece of information. Then my brain begins integrating all of the various “files.” It’s a cumbersome process.

On Modafinil, there’s no delay in retrieving information. Everything is just there – all at once. My brain feels like it’s a spider web where all of the neurons are talking to each other simultaneously. It’s an amazing feeling and if you’re running Modafinil with test, you will feel like a super hero or demigod.”

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Your Modafinil Experience? 

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