Afinil Express Review | Best Modafinil Vendor or Scam Site?

After receiving my Modafinil order in under seven business days, I knew I had to write an Afinil Express review with the quickness.

How on earth did they get my powerful nootropics to me so quick? And all the way from India, too!

I was impressed, to say the least.

There’s a lot to love about this online Modafinil vendor…

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So let’s dig into the nitty gritty of this review.

Overall, Afinil Express is one of the better Modafinil sellers on the Internet. One of the best. I’ve been thoroughly impressed.

If you’re looking for an online Modafinil vendor that offers:

  • Great customer service
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Fast shipping
  • Low prices
  • And more!

…Then Afinil Express might be the perfect place to buy smart drugs from. Seriously, I’ve been more than happy with these guys over the years.

Their orders always arrive quickly. The prices are always competitive. They respond to inquiries as quick as possible.

And the best part?

Every single order I’ve gotten from Afinil Express has been 100% legit generic Modafinil.

Suffice to say…

I truly trust Afinil Express when ordering Modafinil online.

But before I start laying it on too thick here, let’s take a look at what I’ll cover in this Afinil Express review.

In this guide, I’ll discuss:

This bad boy is in-depth and detailed to ensure you find the perfect place to buy Modafinil online.

So if you’re strictly looking for information on one specific section above, feel free to click the link above and jump ahead.

For the rest of us, let’s dive in and find out if buying smart drugs from these guys is just what the doctor ordered.

Oh, and speaking of doctors…

I am not one. Nor am I a lawyer. This article was strictly created for your entertainment. There is no advice here. Always consult a medical professional before consuming any smart drugs or pharmaceutical drugs – like Modafinil. Please read my disclaimer.

Afinil Express

What is Modafinil?

So, what is Modafinil and why should you order it from Afinil Express?

Well, if you’ve been around this corner of the web, you’ve probably heard of Modafinil. If not, I’ll break it down.

These days Modafinil is considered a smart drug or nootropic.

But it was originally developed as a pharmaceutical drug to treat narcolepsy and sleep apnea (Source). Then CEOs and grad students quickly realized that the drug could also be used to boost mental faculties.

Once these hustlers realized how useful Modafinil was in gaining an edge over the competition, the smart drug craze took off!

Students and online hustlers started popping Modafinil to increase cognition, improve productivity, and generally, achieve higher levels of focus.

Nowadays, nearly everyone who works online has tried Modafinil.


Because the smart drug works quite well.

Most users find they can work for 8-12 hours straight after consuming the nootropic. Many even double their daily outputs when using it.

Best Generic Armodafinil

Who is Afinil Express?

Why am I writing this Afinil Express review?

Well, because they’re one of the best Modafinil sellers on the Internet. Bar none.

Based in Australia, the company offers Modafinil and Armodafinil products. They offer great customer service, fast shipping, and low prices.

The company toiled in the shadows for a bit before Modafinil Cat officially endorsed them before closing shop.

As Modafinil Cat had a huge customer base and a lot of trust in the industry, this meant Afinil Express became one of the most popular Modafinil vendors overnight.

These days many consider Afinil Express to be the premier Modafinil pharmacy on the Internet.

They’ve earned the trust of the market through years and years of solid service and fulfilling their guarantees – along with selling legit generic Modafinil and smart drugs.

I’ve yet to find a better online Modafinil vendor.

Afinil Express Review

Modafinil Cat was my original Modafinil vendor a few years back. I found them to be reliable and the products were fantastic.

When they endorsed Afinil Express, I knew I was going to test out the online Modafinil seller.

So I made a quick order and waited.

You never know how things work with online sellers. Some Modafinil vendors take up to three weeks before your product arrives.

After all, it’s shipping from India when you buy Modafinil online.

Luckily, Afinil Express wasn’t like that.

I received my Modafinil order in seven business days with the vendor. A week! That’s crazy.

Everything was perfect. Discreet packaging, low prices, fresh product.

Overall, I was truly impressed with this online Modafinil Vendor. But, the devil is in the details.

The details being the legitimacy of the product.

Luckily, Afinil Express shipped me high-quality generic Modafinil that worked for me.

The Armodafinil and Modafinil products both were high-quality and vastly improved my mental performance.

Armodafinil, Nuvigil, Waklert, Artvigil

What I Love About Afinil Express

Well, there’s a lot to love!

But enough of the foreplay here, let’s dive into the meat and potatoes of this bad boy. Err, maybe the coffee and Modafinil.

Here are a few of the things I love about ordering Modafinil from Afinil Express:

– The Guarantees

There’s absolutely no risk when ordering Modafinil from Afinil Express.

Why? First, it’s completely safe to order Modafinil online. The DEA doesn’t have the resources to arrest students and entrepreneurs looking to better themselves with a little Modafinil.

I’m no lawyer, but seriously, you have no legal risks here.

Second, Afinil Express guarantees your order.

This means they guarantee the order will pass customs and arrive at your front door. If it doesn’t, you get a full refund or they send you another order.

It’s your choice!

Due to the guarantee, there’s no risk with Afinil Express. You will get your Modafinil or you’ll get your money back.

I’d estimate that 99% of orders reach their intended destination on the first try, too – especially to the United States and Australia.

– Free and Fast Shipping

If you’re looking to get your hands on Modafinil fast, then Afinil Express is the place to go. I got my order in seven business days.

Talk about fast!

The vendor offers free and fast shipping. You never have to pay an arm or a leg to get your hands on quality Modafinil with these guys.

Your smart drugs will be at your door before you know it.

Generally, you can expect your Afinil Express order to arrive between 7-10 business days after you ordered.

Buy Now

– Great Prices

Afinil Express offers incredible pricing. With such a reputation, the vendor could charge more. However, they don’t.

I found Afinil Express to have great, low prices – especially when ordering in larger quantities or paying with Bitcoin.

While there are a few vendors who sell Modafinil for a little cheaper, I cannot recommend them.

Many sketchy Modafinil sellers don’t sell high-quality products and don’t offer product guarantees like Afinil does.

For the highest quality Modafinil at great prices, Afinil Express is a great place to buy from.

Modafinil at great prices

– Great Customer Service

As Afinil is based in Australia, the company offers incredible customer service. The owners understand Western customs and offer customer support that people from the USA or the UK should be accustomed to.

This is a big deal when ordering products like Modafinil online.

While you’re unlikely to need much support, it’s nice to know it’s available.

After communicating with the vendor for a few months now, I’ve found they respond quickly, usually within 24 hours, to most emails.

– High-Quality Products

If you’re looking for the best Modafinil products on the Internet, Afinil Express carries them all. From Waklert to Modvigil – you’ll find the premier smart drugs available online here.

Afinil Express sells:

These products all come from pharmacies in India, SUN and HAB.

Generally, most consider these two pharmacies to be the premier suppliers of generic Modafinil.

– Educational Approach

One thing that Afinil does better than other Modafinil vendors is education.

If you go to their website, you’ll find detailed breakdowns of every product they sell.

Afinil Express understands that finding the right smart drug for your needs can be daunting, especially with so many products available. As such, they inform and educate potential customers about which nootropics could fit their needs.

This is a minor thing, but especially helpful when making your first Modafinil order online.

– Discreet Packaging

No one will know you’re ordering smart drugs online when you buy from the vendor.

Why? Because Afinil Express sends their shipments in discreet packaging from India. This ensures the products pass customs without any issues.

It also ensures nobody will know what you’re ordering online when a product arrives at your mailbox.

This is a great added benefit.

– Your Privacy Matters

You can expect a safe shopping experience when you make an order from these guys. While it’s important to guard your privacy and information when shopping online, you’ll have no worries with Afinil Express.

Afinil offers a highly encrypted and secure website with SSL certificates present.

Thus, your credit card and personal information are 100% secure when making your purchase here.

– Payment Options

While many a Modafinil vendor struggles with credit card processing, Afinil Express doesn’t seem to have an issue.

These guys offer true credit card processing – along with huge discounts for individuals willing to buy Modafinil with cryptocurrency.

 ~You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, and Bitcoin here ~ 

– Discount Codes

You can get great deals on Modafinil when ordering with Afinil Express by using discount codes. The seller offers different specials throughout the year.

However, two special discount codes are available all year long:

  • First, returning customers get 10% off their next order. Just enter the order ID from your previous order when checking out and your 10% off will be applied.
  • Next, individuals buying with Bitcoin will receive 20% off their order – all year long! Just pay with Bitcoin and the discount is automatically applied.

As if Afinil Express didn’t have cheap enough prices already, you can combine these discounts to get up to 30% off your second order.

What a deal!

Modafinil Tablets

Afinil Express Review: Downsides?

Of course, no online retailer is perfect. This is especially true when talking about online Modafinil pharmacies.

Afinil Express is no different.

While I love this vendor, here are a few downsides I found:

– No PayPal

The only downside to ordering with Afinil Express is there’s no PayPal option. This means you’ll have to pay with a credit card or Bitcoin.

While this isn’t a huge downside, it’s a minor inconvenience for those of us who live online and use PayPal for a lot of transactions.

– Not the Absolute Cheapest

While Afinil Express is the best Modafinil vendor around and offers damn good pricing, it must be noted that they’re not the absolute cheapest seller around.

You’ll get a great deal here.

But there are other online vendors that sell smart drugs for cheaper.

Personally, I just don’t trust some of these sellers.

Where Afinil Express Ships To?

As one of the premier vendors of Modafinil online, this company ships all over. I’m talking damn near everywhere.

Of course, Afinil Express ships to the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

But they also ship to far off countries you’d never expect. In fact, the only countries they do not ship to include:

Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Norway, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Taiwan, Croatia, France, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Romania, Spain, South Africa or the United Arab Emirates.

The Verdict | Great Modafinil Vendor or Scam Site?

Overall, I’ve been incredibly happy while the Modafinil I’ve received from Afinil Express and their customer service.

That’s why I wrote this Afinil Express review. I believe the company is one of, if not the best, Modafinil seller on the Internet.

If you’re looking to buy Modafinil online, Afinil Express is the place to do it. You can expect:

  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • Great Prices
  • Fast and Free Shipping
  • High-Quality Products
  • Incredible Customer Service
  • …And More!

If you have any questions about this vendor, please feel free to comment below. I’ll do my best to find the answer and report back to you.

I’m 100% confident you’ll be happy with Afinil Express if you decide to order generic Modafinil and/or smart drugs from these guys.

They just do a damn good job!

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How to Buy Modafinil From Afinil Express

Still need a little more information about buying Modafinil online? I’ll break things down even a little further for you.

You can order from Afinil Express by following the quick steps below:

1. Head to

Step 1

2. Find the products you’d like to buy on the homepage and choose your quantity

Step 2

3. Click on the “Buy Now” button

Step 3

4. Enter your billing and shipping information on the SSL Certified checkout page

Step 4

5. Decide how you’ll pay – credit card or Bitcoin

Step 5

6. Confirm all the information and then click the “Order” button

Step 6

You’ll shortly receive a confirmation email after your payment goes through. Afinil will also email you tracking and shipping information once the order goes out.

Thanks for checking out my Afinil Express review.

I hope you found the information useful.

– Click here to order Modafinil from this vendor –



After utilizing nootropics for the better part of a decade, I realized the potent results these products produce -- with regards to productivity and cognitive enhancement. Soon thereafter, I became obsessed with finding the premier smart drugs on the market. Then using them to improve my life. When I'm not devouring everything I can about nootropics and the science behind why they work, you'll find me traveling around the world or in the gym.

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Samantha Thériot - October 6, 2018

Whilst I agree for the most part, I placed my first order and received in 5 working days, perfect. Tried to place another order 6 weeks later and it would not accept my payment details. I checked all details matched exactly to my banking details and after 5 attempts of having to start all over again and re-enter all details I was urged by this company to contact my bank as there may be a restriction on my card for charges originating in their area. Thought that was odd as I use one of the largest banks in Australia and had no issue last time. But I spoke to my bank who said there was NO activity of any payment attempts and NO restrictions whatsoever on my card. Shortly after I used it to purchase online from Ebay so not sure whats happening. The bank said the issue was at their end and the payment gateway they use for validation. As yet, this has not been resolved and I’m still waiting on feedback from them, bloody frustrating and waste of time. Anyone recommend another supplier ? thanks

    Juliet - February 13, 2019

    I’m having the very same issue. Reputable bank, I have a non-commercial non profit bank. Not sure but have tried multiple times and same reply as yourself?

    Maurice Cloutier - February 24, 2019

    Same for me. Bank confirms there isn’t anything from the banks end. Still no response from AE either. Guess they’re trash.

    Elizabeth Rambo - June 22, 2019

    I had problems at first too bout travel advisories on your card from India and China. One place processes one ships, the manufacturer. Long time to clear customs but great product. Roh has been very helpful

Brenda Monni - October 6, 2018

Hi Jake, thanks for your review.. I ordered something from them the other day, but never got a confirmation. I emailed them, and they said Hotmail tends to block their emails. Is that true?

Mike - October 29, 2018

I had the same issue. My credit card(s) kept being declined. Unable to order from this site.

    Jake - October 29, 2018

    This occasionally happens due to the nature of the industry.

    Generally, you can do a couple things.

    Try a few different cards.

    Pay with BTC.

    Wait a few days and try again.

    Call your credit card company and manually approve the transaction.

    Joëlle Alsuguren - February 18, 2019

    C’est sans doute parce que vous êtes dans un pays où ils ne livrent pas.
    C’est ce qui m’arrive, je vis en France.

      Jake - February 20, 2019

      C’est possible…

Mike - November 3, 2018

Thanks Jake!

I’m on it!

    Jake - November 3, 2018

    Good luck!

Joëlle Alsuguren - February 18, 2019

Hélas, Affinil Express ne livre plus en France…
Vous connaissez un autre site sérieux ?
Merci !

    Jake - February 20, 2019


    I will email you with that information.

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