Artvigil Review | Benefits, Dosage, and Side Effects

I decided to write this Artvigil review after popping one of these generic Armodafinil pills for the first time.

I was impressed, to say the least. This stuff is potent and powerful.

See, with all the smart drugs available online, it can be complicated to find the best one for your needs and budgets. So I decided to try them all.

From Modafinil to Adrafinil, I’ve popped a whole lot of pills.

But I wasn’t expecting to like Artvigil so much. In fact, my expectations for the nootropic weren’t that high. In my mind, there wasn’t a smart drug on the planet that could compete with almighty Modafinil.

You’re reading this Artvigil review because the nootropic was more than a pleasant surprise.

It’s a potent smart drug sure to help you increase cognition and productivity day in and day out – and an awesome Modafinil substitute.

In this detailed breakdown, I’ll cover questions like:

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For those looking for a general overview of this potent smart drug, just keep on reading this bad boy.

It must be noted that…

This should come as no surprise – I’m not a doctor or a lawyer. This article is for entertainment purposes only. Before consuming any pharmaceutical drug or smart drug, like Artvigil – make sure to consult with a medical professional. Please read my full disclaimer too.

What is Armodafinil?

Before we get too far into this piece, we need to discuss what Armodafinil is.

Armodafinil is a pharmaceutical drug developed in France in the mid-2,000s to replace Modafinil.

Originally referred to as Nuvigil, the drug was developed when Modafinil’s patent was about to run out. Designed to offer similar wakefulness benefits, the nootropic only contains one of the two enantiomers found in Modafinil (Source).

As such, the chemical structure of Armodafinil is thought to be “purer” than Modafinil.

The “high” found when taking Armodafinil tends to be strong, but doesn’t stay in your system as long as Modafinil.

This ensures the half-life to be a bit shorter when taking Armodafinil compared to Modafinil, which is ideal when you want to work all day in a highly focused manner and then get a good nights’ sleep.

Artvigil Tablets

What is Artvigil?

Now that we know exactly what Armodafinil is…

What is Artvigil?

Well, that’s simple. The smart drug is simply the generic version of Armodafinil. The chemical structure is the same – except the smart drug is produced by Sun Pharma in India.

As one of the most popular generic forms of Armodafinil around, many find massive cognitive benefits when taking this smart drug.

We’ll cover these benefits of Artvigil below, including things like 8-10+ hours of pure focus, improved memory retention, and so much more.

Artvigil Review

Benefits of Artvigil

While Artvigil is a unique smart drug, most users have found the benefits to be similar to Modafinil. The stuff might be slightly less potent, but things to be fairly similar overall.

After I tested out the nootropic, here are the benefits of Artivigil I noted:

~ Ideal Half-Life ~

Artvigil kicks in quickly. Where it usually takes me an hour and a half to “feel” Modafinil’s effects, I noticed Artvigil working in around 45 minutes.

This stuff works fast!

The effects of Artvigil were strong, and the cognitive benefits impressive.

I’ve cruised through my normal work day in under 5-6+ hours when taking the stuff. Then I keep going.

I noticed the effects of Artvigil starting to wane around the 8-hour mark. I’ll keep working and usually end things around 9-hours after the smart drug kicked in.

After similar results my second time taking Artvigil, I’ve concluded the half-life of this smart drug is around 8-10 hours. This stuff doesn’t last as long as Modalert 200. This isn’t Modafinil. The half-life won’t last up to 15 hours.

Personally, I found this to be a huge benefit when you want to get a great nights sleep.

You can take Artvigil around noon and still be asleep before midnight. With Modafinil, that simply isn’t possible.

~ Improved Cognition & Focus ~

Mental cognition greatly improves when taking Artvigil. In fact, you’ll find the smart drug offers near identical cognitive benefits as Modafinil while the half-life is still kicking in.

When taking Artvigil, I noted a huge cognition boost, increased focus, and my productivity skyrocketed.

There’s no doubt about it – Artvigil is one heck of a smart drug.

Your mental faculties will be kicking in like crazy with this nootropic. However, I didn’t notice the mood improvement feelings offered by Modafinil.

Aka there’s no “high” feeling with this smart drug.

For some, this is a benefit. For others, it may not be.

~ Wakefulness ~

As Artvigil is a form of Armodafinil, the drug was originally developed as a wakefulness promoting agent.

This means you will NOT be able to sleep while the half-life of Artvigil is still kicking.

Artvigil will keep you awake for 8-10 hours – no matter what. As such, many users take Artvigil for shift sleep disorder and to pull all-nighters.

I’d highly recommend Armodafinil when you want to stay up for 8-10 hours at night to finish a paper or a work project. The nootropic works faster than Modafinil while still offering similar cognitive benefits.

~ Less Needed ~

You don’t have to take as much Artvigil to get a similar “high” when compared with Modafinil.

Overall, this seems to be a huge benefit to users health when side effects are taken into consideration.

Smart drug users take Modafinil in 200 mg doses. With Artvigil, you only need 150 mg to get the full smart drug benefits for 8-10 hours.

Personally, I found the small dosage to be a huge benefit, as I experienced zero side effects when taking Artvigil. As such, this may be a great nootropic for beginners to the smart drug scene.

~ Cheap Pricing ~

Smart drugs can be pricey. However, Artivigil is the cheapest form of Armodafinil on the market. In fact, you can get Artvigil in 150 mg pills for around $0.92 per serving with shipping.

Just look:

Artvigil pricing

Artvigil pricing example…

If you ask me – that’s a great deal.

Even in small quantities, the nootropic costs less than a cup of coffee and offers far greater benefits.

For those looking to get a great deal on Armodafinil, this is the way to go. Artvigil is cheap!

Artvigil Dosage and Tolerance

We’ve talked a little bit about dosing and tolerance already. If you’ve taken smart drugs before, then Artvigil dosage and tolerance information won’t be new to you. You should cycle this stuff just like Modafinil.

For new users, I recommend taking Artvigil 1-2 times a week – max.

Do not consume this smart drug more than 3X per week, as you will mess up your tolerance when using it as a smart drug.

If using Artvigil as a Modafinil substitute, then try taking Artivigil 1-2X per week and Modafinil 1-2X per week.

Daily use of smart drugs is not recommended whatsoever, but again, I’m no doctor and this is not advice.

By limiting usage to 1-3X times per week, you shouldn’t have any tolerance issues. Users who find the effects of Artvigil stop working often take the drug every day.

From a dosage perspective, you’ll want to stick to the 150 mg the pill comes in. Personally, I’ve yet to find I need any more. The 150 mg of Artvigil offers huge cognitive benefits.

Do not take 300 mg of Artvigil unless you’re an experienced smart drug user. Even then, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Artvigil Side Effects

With any nootropic, you run side effect risks. Artvigil is no different. Some users have experienced minor side effects.

Personally, I didn’t have a single issue with Armodafinil. No stomach issues like when taking Modafinil. No insomnia. Nothing.

I believe most will find fewer side effects when taking Artvigil instead of Modafinil. But every body is different. The best things you can do it test it out.

Common side effects of Artvigil include (Source):

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Dry Mouth

Overall, the side effects of this smart drug are incredibly minimal and shouldn’t be a concern for most users.

How to Buy Artvigil Online

While you can go to the doctor and get a prescription for brand-name Armodafinil, most find buying online to be much easier. I know I did.

It’s incredibly easy to buy Artvigil online.

Every Modafinil vendor tends to sell Armodafinil, too. As Artvigil is one of the more popular types of generic Armodafinil, it’s pretty easy to find.


I’ve had great luck buying from this vendor.

They offer ideal pricing and free shipping. Plus, you’ll get guaranteed delivery here. You either receive your shipment or you get a money back guarantee. No risks! If you’re looking to buy Artvigil online, I’d start with them.

Best Generic Armodafinil

The Verdict?

Artvigil certainly isn’t a waste of money.

Far from it!

In fact, if you’re looking for a cheap form of generic Armodafinil, then it may be the best product on the market. Throughout my Artvigil review and testing, I found the smart drug does its job and then some.

Overall, Artvigil is an impressive form of Armodafinil that smart drug users should test out.

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