Buy Nootropics in Canada | The #1 A-Z Guide

Curious about buying nootropics in Canada? You’ve come to the right place.

Canadian customs are extremely strict and many online nootropics vendors simply won’t ship smart drugs to Canadian customers.

However, we’ve done the hard work for you. Below, you’ll find a complete guide to buying and using nootropics while living in Canada.

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In this guide, you’ll learn about the ONE vendor that will ship Modafinil to Canada with guaranteed delivery and show you the best legal, over-the-counter nootropics that you can buy right now…plus so much more!

I’m not a doctor or lawyer and this is not medical or legal advice. This guide is strictly for entertainment purposes only. Always consult a medical professional before consuming any nootropic and always abide by the laws of your country. Please read my disclaimer page, too!

What Are Nootropics?

The term ‘nootropics’ [1] refers to any pharmaceutical drug or dietary supplement that purports to enhance one or more cognitive functions like attention span, memory, or concentration. Nootropics are often referred to as ‘smart drugs’ because of their ability to enhance and facilitate learning, especially in people with cognitive impairments.

Nootropics first became popular during the mid-1990s when a drug called Modafinil (sold under the brand name Provigil in Canada) was released for treating sleeping disorders like narcolepsy. Modafinil soon gained widespread notoriety for its off-label benefits including:

  • 12+ hours of intense concentration
  • enhanced cognitive functions [2]
  • the inability to feel fatigued

Busy students, entrepreneurs, and professionals alike started using Modafinil to stay awake and alert for longer periods, gaining an edge over their competition.

Nootropics enjoyed renewed interest following the release of the 2011 movie, Limitless, which featured a fictional nootropic called ‘NZT-48’ that gave users superhuman intelligence. While there’s no real-life pill that offers the same benefits as ‘NZT-48’, the movie’s script writers drew inspiration from real-life ‘smart pills’ such as Modafinil.

Nootropics are highly controversial in the medical community and many doctors and scientists have noted that there is scant research to support the effectiveness of nootropics and little evidence that they offer real benefits for healthy individuals.

To address some of the shortcomings of pharmaceutical nootropics, some companies have created legal nootropics that offer all the same benefits of nootropics like improved focus and wakefulness, without any of the side effects or the need for a prescription.

Mind Lab Pro vs Armodafinil

Nootropics Side Effects and Safety

I strongly urge you to consult a doctor and read about potential side effects before you try any nootropic. This is NOT medical advice.

Nootropics generally fall into two main categories;

  • Dietary supplements like Qualia Mind — that do not require a doctor’s prescription.
  • Pharmaceutical drugs like Modafinil — that do.

Healthy individuals will generally experience no side effects when they take dietary supplements. However, it’s wise to read the ingredients list before purchasing, especially if you suffer from allergies.

Pharmaceutical nootropics like Modafinil [3] which require a doctor’s prescription to buy and use in Canada tend to have a significant impact on mood and health [4]. Users can expect to experience side effects [5] such as:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Nervousness [6]
  • Anxiety
  • Agitation
  • Interrupted sleeping patterns

The side effects [7] caused by pharmaceutical nootropics can be minimized and mitigated by carefully tailoring the dose to the individual.

Overall, all the nootropics recommended in this article can be considered safe and with minimal side effects.

Are Nootropics Legal in Canada?

Now, I’m not a lawyer or legal scholar so the following advice about the legalities of nootropics in Canada shouldn’t be misconstrued as anything other than hyperbole. This is NOT advice.

The legal status of any given nootropic in Canada depends on whether it is a pharmaceutical product or a non-pharmaceutical dietary supplement.

Dietary supplements are entirely legal and can be purchased from health food stores or online stores without a prescription.

Pharmaceutical nootropics like Modafinil are classified by Canada’s National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities [8] as schedule I medications, meaning they require a doctor’s prescription to purchase. Modafinil, for example, isn’t listed on the Controlled Drug Substances Act [9], but it is a Schedule F prescription drug.

While some online pharmacies routinely offer nootropics for sale to Canadian customers without a prescription, shipments are subject to seizure by the Canada Border Services Agency [10].

If CBSA officials find a shipment of prescription drugs, they will write to the recipient’s address for proof of prescription and destroy the package if a prescription cannot be submitted within one month.

Luckily, by using my recommended vendor below, you won’t have to worry about these issues…

That’s the benefit of guaranteed delivery, folks!

Modafinil Tablets

Top 2 Legal Nootropics in Canada

Canada has some of the strictest custom controls of any country. Period. Luckily, there’s a whole range of legal nootropics that mimic the effects of pharmaceutical nootropics with zero side effects and no prescription required.

The top legal nootropics in Canada are:

  • Mind Lab Pro

After experimenting with several legal nootropics, I found Mind Lab Pro. It’s honestly one of the most powerful legal nootropics I’ve ever tried.

Unlike some other nootropics that only target a couple of the brain’s bio-pathways, Mind Lab Pro targets SIX! It contains 11 research-backed brain-boosting nootropics that give my memory and overall brain performance a huge boost.

This is one of the few legal nootropics that actually feels like real Modafinil. It gives me an incredible burst of alertness and sends my productivity levels through the roof!

If you’re looking for huge gains in your mental performance, this is the legal nootropic to take!

Highly recommended.

  • Qualia Mind

The main problem I encountered when testing legal nootropics in Canada is that most of them are packed full of caffeine and left me feeling jittery and on edge. Qualia Mind isn’t like that.

It’s caffeine-free so it gives me tons more focus and concentration, without common side-effects like headaches, jitteriness, nausea, or sleeplessness.

I usually stack Qualia Mind with Modafinil or other nootropics and cycle it by taking it five days on and two days off each week. It gives me lightning-fast reaction speeds and an insane feeling of alertness that really helps me center my mood.


The World’s Best Nootropic…

The world’s best nootropic is undoubtedly…Modafinil [11].

It’s an extremely powerful wakefulness agent that is widely prescribed to treat sleepiness, somnolence, and fatigue in patients with a wide range of medical conditions such as narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and Shift Sleep Disorder.

Since being introduced to Canada in the 1990s, Modafinil has gained a huge following among stressed-out students and busy professionals for its ‘off-label’ benefits, like:

  • Extreme focus for 12+ hours
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced cognitive functions
  • Improved memory retention
  • Inability to feel fatigued (great for all-nighters)

In short, Modafinil gives you a steady, long-lasting burst of alertness that no other drug can match. While many other nootropics have been developed over the years, Modafinil is still considered to be the best one.

Is Modafinil Legal in Canada?

As I mentioned earlier, Modafinil isn’t listed on Canada’s Controlled Drug Substances Act, but it is a Schedule F prescription drug and requires a doctor’s prescription to buy and use.

Getting a prescription [12] for Modafinil from a Canadian doctor isn’t easy.

To get one, you’ll need to get a doctor to formally diagnose you with one of the following conditions:

  • Narcolepsy
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Shift Sleep Disorder

Narcolepsy or sleep apnoea can only be diagnosed by a sleep test, while Shift Sleep Disorder may be confirmed by a reference letter from an employer.

Buying Modafinil from an online pharmacy and having it shipped to your address in Canada runs the risk of having the shipment seized by CBSA officials. As most suppliers ship from India or Singapore, the CBSA routines flags all mail from these destinations for advanced screening, meaning that very few shipments get through.

Such is the difficulty of shipping Modafinil to Canada, that many once-popular vendors like and Gorilla Mind no longer ship there. In fact, only ONE supplier guarantees shipments to Canada.

The absolute best way to get Modafinil in Canada these days?

Order with my preferred vendor.

This is the ONLY vendor who offers guaranteed shipments to Canada. Either you get your Modafinil or you get a refund or reshipment. Your choice.

Basically, you have no risk.

But again, I’m no lawyer and I always advise you to abide by the laws of your country and any countries you live in.

The Top “Social” Nootropic

The top ‘social’ nootropic on the Canadian smart drug scene right now is undoubtedly Phenibut,  a synthetic nootropic synthesized in Russia during the 1960s used to treat people with anxiety, insomnia, and alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Although Phenibut isn’t approved for human consumption in Canada, it has attracted a strong following for ‘off-label’ uses and is easy to buy online.

It has become very popular with people who have social anxiety who want to suppress their inhibitions and become more socially confident. It helps users feel completely relaxed and can be used as a substitute for alcohol in many situations.

Nicknamed ‘the happy pill’, Phenibut boosts the transmission of three important neurotransmitters; dopamine, GABA, and serotonin. It has a calming effect on the mind, similar to alcohol, making it ideal for people who don’t drink for health or religious reasons yet still want to experience a nice, warm buzz.

Phenibut also improves a user’s problem-solving ability, verbal fluency, and memory, making it a powerful nootropic for busy professionals and entrepreneurs alike.

Phenibut can greatly improve a person’s team-working skills and performance on cooperative tasks where creativity and flexible thinking are required.

But Phenibut [13] isn’t without risks. Its documented side effects include fatigue, nausea, dizziness, and stomach cramps [14]. Withdrawal symptoms from Phenibut can be quite bad, so users need to take it responsibly and be mindful of their tolerance.

Is Phenibut Legal in Canada?

Yes! Phenibut’s use, possession, and consumption are entirely legal in Canada. There are currently no laws outright banning the substance, making it perfectly legal to buy in pill or capsule form.

But that doesn’t mean that buying Phenibut online is entirely risk-free.

Health Canada considers anything over a 90 day supply to be a commercial importation, meaning that large shipments may be rejected by customs. When ordering Phenibut online in Canada, keep your shipment size under 180 capsules (250mg size) and your package shouldn’t be flagged.

Phenibut HCL powder

Nootropics Canada | Verdict

If you were curious about nootropics in Canada, hopefully all your questions have been answered.

From legal issues to the best online vendors, and the best legal nootropics, we’ve covered it all in this entertaining guide.

Nootropics make life better, and many Canadians are already using them to get a step up on the competition. Don’t get left behind!

Oh and don’t forget to click here and buy Modafinil from my favorite online vendors for Canadians or people living in Canada!


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