Modafinil and Sex | What You MUST Know

It was a workday. I had no plans on socializing — much less Modafinil and sex.

I hit the gym bright and early, then popped a 200 mg Modafinil and worked from 10 am onward. Short breaks were consumed with chatting on What’s App with friends, family, and a couple girls.

Unsurprisingly, one thing led to the next, and the chatting led to setting up a date for around 9 pm that evening.

I had no idea about the sexual side effects of Modafinil, but I wasn’t exactly focused on getting laid, either. After all, it was the first date.

I finished my work up an hour before the date, ate dinner, and handled some hygienic basics. A major key. Then I bounced out to meet up with the cutie.

P.S.: Clearly, this is not any type of medical advice. I am not a doctor or medical professional or a lawyer by any stretch of the imagination. Always consult a doctor before taking any prescription drugs or nootropic – like Modafinil. Please read my disclaimer page before moving forward. 

Modafinil and Sex

Modafinil and Sex

She showed up looking kind of sexy. It could have been the Modafinil high, but her caramel skin, wide hips, and booty by squats had my mind focused on one thing.

And one thing only 😉

We chatted a bit over a glass of wine before the Modafinil high had me focused on bedroom gymnastics.

“So I have a full bottle of red at mine…”

She didn’t even let me finish the sentence before agreeing. A sh*t-eating grin came across my face. She had to have seen it. She didn’t seem to mind. I paid the bill and off we went. Luckily, we were in walking distance to my place.

The sexual side effects of Modafinil were the last thing on my mind as we arrived at my place.

I poured a little wine for us and before I knew it…

great success meme

Understanding Modafinil’s Sexual Side Effects

While I’ll spare you the gory details of how my first date ended after a day on Modafinil, I do want to discuss the sexual side effects of Modafinil.

The above encounter certainly wasn’t my only time engaging in coitus post-Modafinil. And I doubt it’ll be the last. So enough of my fluff for now.

Let’s dig into the meat and potatoes of this bad boy. Here’s exactly what I’ve learned about Modafinil and sex:

  • Round One & Done: If you’re going to engage in coitus after a day using Modafinil, I wouldn’t plan on going more than one round. The drug typically inhibits a man’s sex drive. Thus, one round of sex may seem marginally entertaining, but going again and again will likely sound awful.
  • Enhanced Experience: Due to the extra focus Modafinil offers, many find the sexual experience heightened while on this smart drug. Many find themselves more in the moment and focused on the pleasures of sex – rather than distracted. I can confirm the added focus on the task at hand does offer a more pleasurable experience, but only on certain occasions.
  • Stamina Game Strong: While you’re likely to only want one session, you shouldn’t have difficulty extending your lovemaking abilities a little longer. As Modafinil hinders sex drive in most males, you’ll find lasting longer in bed comes naturally after taking this smart drug.
  • Safety Not Coming First: While this may be personal, protection is easy to throw to the wind after taking this smart drug. Condoms often are a distant afterthought when having sex on Modafinil. Modafinil increases focus and often, that focus ends up on getting rid of the condom during sex on Modafinil. This is especially true if you’re so inclined to attempt round two.
  • Find Your Focus: While Modafinil will typically inhibit sex drive in healthy males on the day of use, the opposite can occasionally be true, too. If you know you’ll be getting laid later in the evening, you may use the heightened focus from Modafinil to fantasize about the evening’s encounter. When the time comes, you may find the stamina boosting benefits of Modafinil consumption removed from your fantasizing. And yeah – I’m speaking from experience here ;(

P.S: This is just one man’s experience with Modafinil and sex. So everything should be taken with a grain of salt. I cannot speak to the experiences of women. 

Modafinil and Sex

What Others Have Said About Modafinil and Sex

I’m certainly not the only individual interested in the sexual side effect of Modafinil. Googling “Modafinil and sex” tends to bring up some interesting searches.

There’s a full Reddit thread on the topic. And it’s fairly entertaining. Choice quotes include:

“After taking the drug, I became painfully aware of my own dick, and thought about it for several hours.”


“DON’T watch porn while taking Modafinil. maybe you have more then i do, but if i don’t have my work spread out infront of me, and turn to porn while on moda, well… there goes my day, and i need an ice pack later! -=).”

While humorous, the thread doesn’t add much to this conversation. For added insight, I found a few studies done on the topic of Modafinil and sex. Here are a few items of note:

–> Hypersexuality (Source)

A female report a drastic increase in her sex drive after taking Modafinil on a consistent basis. This seems interesting for girls. While men may find the opposite true, it seems Modafinil could increase sex drive in women. As there hasn’t been a ton of research on the sexual side effects of Modafinil – the opposite could be true for a woman, too.

–> Erectile Dysfunction (Source)

Many males have report erectile dysfunction after consistent Modafinil use. As with many prescription drugs, the sexual side effect are rarely discussed in-depth. Personally, I’d be extremely careful taking Modafinil on a consistent basis due to the sexual side effects. Some males reported that side effects seemed to be permanent – even after discontinuing usage.

–> Premature Ejaculation (Source)

While Modafinil can hinder erections in some men, others find the drug beneficial in extending intercourse. Modafinil has been shown to delay ejaculation. Some males suffering from lifelong premature ejaculation have found Modafinil a wonder drug – extending the time they can perform drastically.

How Does Modafinil Affect Your Sex Life?

Welp, there’s only one way to truly find out 😉 Mixing Modafinil and sex doesn’t need to be a spectator sport now.

However, unless you suffer from severe premature ejaculation, refraining from using Modafinil as a sexual supplement is advised.

Overall, the smart drug is not beneficial for men from a sexual standpoint. I doubt women will find any sexual benefit from Modafinil either.

However, consuming Modafinil for business purposes and then engaging in sexual intercourse should be okay. Just avoid consistent usage and the sexual side effects of Modafinil will be minimized.

If you’re ready to try it out for yourself, check out our guide on the best ways to purchase Modafinil online here. It’s never been easier to get your hands on the world’s most popular nootropic.

Lastly, if you have any further questions regarding sexual activity and Modafinil, please feel free to comment below. I’ll do my best to get back to you with a detailed response.

P.S: I buy my Modafinil here!

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Calm and Collected - June 21, 2017

I agree with everything you said about Mod and sex. From drinking to sex Mod increases my stamina and I find myself being in the moment more. Any guy who likes sex and is over 18 should give Mod a try.

    NomadicJake - June 22, 2017

    It’s not a bad option. I prefer to use the smart drug to improve cognition, but there are other uses.

Cameron Chardukian - June 22, 2017

I found this post really interesting. Thanks for sharing Jake. The ability to focus sounds like a much bigger benefit to smart drugs than a slightly different/novel sexual experience. To each their own though!

    NomadicJake - June 22, 2017

    Yep! I certainly use them for that reason mainly. Just wanted to share perspective from a different point of view. Thanks for checking it out.

gigi13 - July 15, 2017

Nice article. I’ve been taking 125mg of armodafinil almost daily for 7 months now and my orgasms are nothing short of mind blowing. Multiple orgasms, longer and stronger… I’m talking 10-12 orgasms in a session (I’m a girl) At first I didn’t realize it was the armodafinil until I had an orgasm on a ‘rest day’… Womp womp. Jumped my hubby the next evening of an armoda day, and the amazingness was back in full force. Started googling to find a scientific explanation (because armoda) but I’m only finding info about how it makes things more difficult for men. Sorry guys.

    NomadicJake - July 15, 2017

    That’s pretty interesting. Thanks for the comment!

    It seems women may benefit from the greater concentration and focus smart drugs provide while in the bedroom – while men struggle with them in bed.

    Or maybe you have a special chemical reaction with the drug. Who knows.

Nicholas Jesse Mathews Hoover - October 6, 2018

As long as I’m getting enough choline it didn’t seem to inhibit function at all.

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