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Curious how to buy Modafinil in Jordan these days?

Then you’re in the right spot, as this article is all you need. Inside, you’ll find information on legalities, prescriptions, online buying options and much more.

For those looking for a quick fix…

While you can walk into a pharmacy and buy Modafinil– It’s much easier to order Modafinil online from a reputable vendor.

For individuals looking for more detailed information, keep on reading this in-depth guide. The information inside is thorough and detailed to ensure you make smart choices when ordering Modafinil.

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Modafinil in Jordan

I am not a doctor, nor am I a lawyer specializing in international drug importation laws. Always consult a doctor before beginning any new drug regime and always obey the laws of your land. All information in this guide is entertainment ONLY. See the full disclaimer here.

What Is Modafinil?

Let’s not beat around the bush here…

Modafinil is the world’s most effective nootropic.

Modafinil wasn’t created as a smart drug, though. The French created Modafinil in the ’70s as an experimental treatment for narcolepsy [1]. The popularity of Modafinil would spread from here, and the FDA approved Modafinil in 1998 [2].

This is also where it’s clinical application grew tremendously. Modafinil now helps treat the following conditions:

  • Narcolepsy
  • Nicotine addiction
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Fatigue
  • Seasonal affective disorder
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Schizophrenia

Modafinil is proven as a powerful pharmaceutical, but many use the drug for off-the-label uses these days.

This happened when Wall Street execs, grad students, and others looking for an edge discovered that Modafinil had massive benefits as a cognitive enhancer.

We’re talking benefits like…

  • 12+ hour insane focus
  • Enhanced memory recall
  • Greater problem-solving capability
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Motivation boost
  • Much more!

These benefits allow you to push further, for longer and with greater cognitive capacity than you’d have otherwise. It isn’t magic, but it’s as close to the real-life “limitless” pill as you’ll ever get. Combine it with ideal lifestyle habits for the best results.

Modafinil just works.

Modafinil sleep

Modafinil Side Effects and Safety

Overall, Modafinil is a safe pharmaceutical drug and nootropic.

Even for a pharmaceutical product, there aren’t many significant side effects you’ll have to worry about. The biggest issues are relatively minor and temporary.

Here are the most common side effects of Modafinil [3]:

  • Anxiety
  • Agitation
  • Drowsiness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Headache
  • Diahrrea
  • Nausea

Here’s the thing though:

The majority of these side effects can be mitigated or eliminated easily. You can reduce the chance of irritability if you get proper sleep, eat a good diet, and moderate your coffee intake. Staying hydrated is essential when taking Modafinil, as well. You can also eliminate or reduce anxiety with these steps.

The loss of appetite may make you forget to eat, but you can simply remind yourself to eat at a set time. Headaches tend to be temporary and drinking plenty of water tends to help.

Studies have demonstrated the relative safety of Modafinil. This one demonstrated the mild side effects that patients suffering from narcolepsy experienced when using Modafinil [4].

Another one involved a placebo group and a group given Modafinil for excessive daytime sleepiness. In both studies, the worst side effects were generally headaches, anxiety and loss of appetite [5].

Long story short, Modafinil is a safe drug and so it’s also a very safe nootropic. You may experience some mildly inconvenient and uncomfortable symptoms at worst.

Other than that, it’s completely safe and effective.

Is Modafinil Legal in Jordan?

The answer is yes…but with a prescription.

Sadly, there isn’t any clear information on the matter, but the general consensus appears to be that it’s available from a pharmacist with a prescription.

You can only get that by having something like narcolepsy.

Do not try and fake this condition, though. The doctor will ask for further tests to confirm your diagnosis, and the truth will come out. As such, it’s difficult to get a prescription.

It’s often much easier and cheaper to order Modafinil online from a trustworthy vendor. In fact, generic Modafinil is sometimes up to 10x less expensive.

You’re not missing anything when ordering online compared to getting Modafinil from a pharmacy.

generic modafinil

Where to Buy Modafinil Online in Jordan | 2020 Guide

Here we are, the best part of the guide.

All the vendors you’re about to read about are trustworthy and high quality. They both go out of their way to give you a fantastic experience and provide tremendous value.

  • Modafinil XL

Modafinil XL is one of the premier Modafinil vendors online, and that’s for a good reason. These guys offer great value.

They have a wide variety of products, their website is highly educational, and they offer tons of ways to save money. Here’s a more in-depth look:

  • Wide Selection of Products: The pure selection of products at Modafinil XL is one of a kind. You can get well known generic brands like Modalert and Modvigil, but you can also buy less common ones like Modaheal and Modafresh. They even have a sublingual Modafinil product! They truly have something for everybody here.
  • Guaranteed Delivery: Modafinil XL places a 100% money-back guarantee on every single order so that you never lose out on any money or Modafinil. Should anything happen, you get a full refund or a full reshipment, no questions asked.
  • Super Educational Website: One cool feature of Modafinil XL is that they have a very educational website. This makes it ideal for newcomers to Modafinil, because they have a convenient place for any questions they have about Modafinil.
  • Free Shipping on Large Orders: If you place an order above $50 in value, you get free standard shipping, and if you place an order above $150 in value, you get free express shipping. This is a significant savings if you want to place large orders.
  • Excellent Specials and Deals: More than just shipping, Modafinil XL has a myriad of ways to save money. They have a large 35% discount when you pay with bitcoin. They offer a $25 coupon as a returning customer, and you get free sample packs if you pay a small shipping fee. The total potential for savings at Modafinil XL is the best you’ll find anywhere.
  • Intermittent Bulk Specials: In addition to their normal savings, Modafinil XL frequently offers massive discounts when you order substantial amounts. Right now, they are offering 200 pills of an Armodafinil and Modafinil combo pack. It’s hundreds of dollars cheaper than it would typically be. Add this to the regular discounts, and you’re talking about an astronomical degree of saving money.

Modafinil XL is an exceptional vendor. They go out of their way to provide not only a great selection of products but some of the best deals, discounts and specials you’ll find anywhere. Take this plus their informative website, and you have the best vendor serving citizens and expats in Jordan.

HIGHLY recommended!

  • ModaPharma

ModaPharma has been sending Modafinil to Jordan for years. They carry all the generic Modafinil products you need, their products are tested for quality, and they have excellent shipping times.

To be a bit more specific:

  • Great Selection of Products: ModaPharma carries the very best Modafinil brands. For example, they carry Modvigil, Modalert and Artvigil. They’ll have a brand that suits you here, without a doubt.
  • Third-Party Verified: One of ModaPharma’s best perks is that they have a third-party laboratory that tests the purity of every order, so you’re always getting exactly what you expect. This is nice because there’s nothing worse than a tainted or lousy nootropic.
  • Great Shipping Times: The average shipping times for ModaPharma are about 6-12+ days. That may not sound great, but that’s still far better than average. The important thing is that you won’t be waiting your whole life for your shipment to arrive.
  • Good Prices and Long-Term Stability: ModaPharma is tried and true. These guys have been around for a while and they offer great prices on their Modafinil products. Your money will go far, and you can count on them in case something happens to other vendors.

My overall impression of ModaPharma is that they’re a tremendous vendor that has great products, good shipping times, and its reputation for long-term stability precedes itself. Basically, it’s everything you’d want in a Modafinil vendor. Give them a shot.


Other Nootropics in Jordan

you won’t get arrested for possessing Modafinil in Jordan. The worst that’ll happen is that you’ll get your order seized by customs.

But maybe you’re interested in some entirely over the counter alternatives to Modafinil, or you want something to take on your “off days.”

If so, I have two nootropics in mind that are fantastic.

  • Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is like a nootropic multivitamin, and it’s the most multifaceted one I’ve ever found.

This is because it has 11 key ingredients, which each correspond to a different area of your cognitive health. For example, Mind Lab Pro has ingredients like Citicoline that helps energize the brain cells while promoting cellular repair and regeneration.

You also have compounds like Bacopa Monnieri that help promote healthier neurotransmitters in the brain like acetylcholine, GABA and Serotonin. It also enhances the already protective effects of other antioxidants.

There are even chemicals like L-Theanine that give the user a type of relaxed focus.

You get effects very similar to Modafinil, but you also get rejuvenation, healing and cellular repair in one nootropic. The only downside is that you don’t get 12+ hours of focus like with Modafinil, but you get 6-8 hours worth.

It’s become my go-to alternative to Modafinil for a very good reason.

Modafinil in Jordan | The Verdict?

That’s does it. Everything you’d need to know about buying Modafinil in Jordan — whether you’re an expat in the country or a citizen.

If you have any questions or comments, simply leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to find the answer you need to succeed.

Overall, buying Modafinil online while living in Jordan is easy and often, a better choice than attempting to get a prescription from a local doctor.

P.S: It's never been easier! Click here to order Modafinil now.

Modafinil Smart Drugs


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