Modafinil Half Life: How Long Does the Smart Drug Last?

You probably know what Modafinil is used for. The smart drug ensures productivity skyrockets and focus lasts all day. But how long does the nootropic last? What is the Modafinil half life?


Before you pop a pill, it’s important to understand how this drug works. Whether you’re a student, a salesperson, or an online hustler – you need to know how long Modafinil’s effects last in your system.

This will help you plan when to take the smart drug and if you’ll be able to sleep. Or when to take Modafinil when you want to pull an all-nighter.

And from personal experience, I can tell you taking Modafinil in the evening isn’t the best of ideas – unless you’re pulling an all-nighter.

Why? Because the Modafinil half life lasts quite some time!

But enough of the fluff.

In this guide I’ll cover things like:

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For a general understanding of how long Modafinil will last, just keeping on reading this detailed guide.

Everything you need to know about the world’s most popular smart drug and it’s half life is found below.

Modafinil Just Works

P.S: I am not a doctor or a lawyer. This is not legal or medical advice. This article is entertainment. Always consult a medical professional before consuming any nootropic or pharmaceutical drug – like Modafinil. As well, please read my disclaimer by clicking here.

What is Modafinil’s Half Life?

Now before we detail the half life of Modafinil, let’s talk about what “half-life” actually means. Basically, the half life of a pharmaceutical drug is how long the effects work in your body.

Thus, a typical Modafinil half life, or how long the smart drug effects your system, tends to be around 12-15 hours on a 100-200 mg dosage.

You can use Modafinil’s half life to your benefit, but it can also be a downfall. You’ll want to always take this smart drug before 1 PM.

If you take the drug in the afternoon or evening, sleeping won’t be a possibility that evening.

I prefer to take Modafinil before 10 AM. This gives me a solid 12 hours of work time while the drug is still working. Then at 10 PM I stop my workday and make a huge meal filled with carbs.

Then at 10-11PM I stop my workday and make a huge meal filled with carbs. After that, I down a few sleeping pills and throw on a movie. I usually fall asleep between 2-3 AM with this method.

Using this plan, I take the Modafinil half life into account, get a great day of work in, and still get some sleep.

Modafinil Half Life

Modafinil Half Life: Benefits

The half-life of Modafinil ensures a few things. Here are some of the positives:

  • Full Day of Focus: Modafinil lasts 12-15 hours. You won’t be able to sleep when you take this smart drug. Thus, you’ll have a full day to focus on the tasks at hand. This is especially beneficial when cramming for a final or trying to complete a big project. It’s impressive what one can accomplish in 12 hours of focused work.
  • Great For All-Nighters: If you ever need to pull an all-nighter, Modafinil’s half life ensures that’s easy. Just pop the smart drug anytime in the evening and you’ll cruise through the night without any thoughts of sleeping. Modafinil was designed to help shift sleep disorder initially.
  • Ideal When Taken In the Morning: If you take Modafinil before 10 AM, you won’t have any issues falling asleep at night. You should fall asleep between 11 PM and 2 AM. If you’re an entrepreneur with control of your own schedule, then try to take Modafinil in the morning rather than later on.

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Modafinil Half Life: Downsides

No smart drug is perfect. Modafinil certainly isn’t. With that being said, here are a few downsides of Modafinil’s half-life:

  • No Sleep: You won’t be able to sleep for at least 12 hours after taking Modafinil. If you only want to get 4-8 hours of work done while using this smart drug, it may not be the best nootropic for your needs.
  • Sleep Cycle: Many users have reported problems with their sleep cycles after a long day on Modafinil. If you normally get to sleep before midnight but end up falling asleep at 3 AM after using this smart drug, you may experience a hangover effect after Modafinil. This is usually due to the change in your sleep cycle.

Finding the Ideal Modafinil Timing & Dosage

My favorite way to take Modafinil is after the gym around 10 AM.

However, I found one other way that works just as well.

Taking the Modafinil half life into account, you can cut a 200 mg pill in half. Take 100 mg around 7-8 am and then take another 100 mg after lunch – between 12-1 PM.

This dosing schedule ensures maximum blood concentrations of Modafinil throughout the day. A few things to note:

  • Many users prefer to take Modafinil on an empty stomach before eating. I prefer to eat and then take Modafinil 30 minutes after finishing my meal. You’ll need to experiment and see what schedule works the best for you.
  • Modafinil usually takes 1-2 hours to kick in. As such, you won’t want to start work for at least an hour after taking the smart drug. I usually eat something and then check emails for 30 minutes. After that, I take Modafinil. Then I shower and brush my teeth. Next, I’ll brew a pot of coffee and down a cup. By this time, the Modafinil has finally started to kick in.

How Long Does Modafinil Last?

To put it simply…

Modafinil will generally last 12-15+ hours in your system.

That’s the Modafinil half life in a nutshell.

If you take a 200 mg pill, don’t expect to sleep for at least 12 hours. For most users, this means taking Modafinil before lunch.

Others enjoy using the smart drug to pull all-nighters.

Use the information above to ensure you’re using Modafinil in the most beneficial way possible.

Here’s to increased productivity, focus, and more!

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Bek - April 3, 2019

Geez I wish I wasn’t taking it for an actual sleep disorder – the stuff I’d get done! I can easily pop 200mg then go have a nap. It does make a difference tho – I went a week without because I didn’t have my beta blockers (Modafinil sends my heart rate through the roof), and I was soooooo sleepy (as opposed to “regular” sleepy). Crazy that you guys can just order it cheap off the internet tho – I have to get a special government prescription so I only pay a fraction of the usual $600 per month price! (I’m Australia)

    Jake - April 4, 2019

    Yeah, definitely tends to have a little different results for people using Moda as a “smart drug” than for those with actual sleep disorders.

    $600 a month is insane!

    Especially when prices online can be as low as $0.60-0.80 per 200mg serving

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