Modafinil and Working Out | What You Need to Know

I’ll just be straight with this one. Modafinil and working out isn’t the ideal combo.

Some may disagree, but after testing things out – I’m not a fan of using Modafinil before the gym.

Now, that’s not to say there are no benefits to taking Modafinil before a workout. You’ll definitely see some type of benefits when getting swole on the stuff.

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Personally, I’m just not a fan of certain results I see after the workout and the following day.

The trade-off simply isn’t beneficial for me to make a practice out of it.

But to each their own.

In this Modafinil and gym guide, I’ll breakdown:

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For those looking for a general overview of what happens when you take Modafinil before a workout, keep on reading.

Oh, and I must say one more thing before we go any further:

P.S: I am not a doctor or lawyer. This is not medical or legal advice. This piece/guide is strictly entertainment. Always consult a medical professional before consuming any pharmaceutical drugs or nootropics like Modafinil. Also, please read my full disclaimer too. 

Modafinil tablet

What is Modafinil?

If you’re worried about Modafinil and the gym, then I have a feeling you know a little bit about what the smart drug is and why people take it.

But for my noobs…

Modafinil was originally created as a pharmaceutical drug in France. The drug was designed as a wakefulness agent to treat common issues like (Source):

  • Narcolepsy
  • Shift Sleep Disorder
  • Sleep Apnea

The drug became popular and soon made its way across the pond to the USA.

Once in the United States, individuals soon began using Modafinil for it’s off-the-label uses. Aka they started using Modafinil as a smart drug.


Because when taking Modafinil, Silicon Valley CEOs and Ivy League grad students found they could get a leg up on the competition.

They found benefits like:

  • 10-15+ hours of straight focus
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced memory retention
  • Improved overall cognition
  • Ability to pull all-nighters

…And more!

Suffice to say, the smart drug craze has begun and Modafinil was leading the way for one reason:

The stuff works!

What Happened After I Hit the Gym On Modafinil

I decided to hit the gym after a day of working on 200 mg of Modafinil. I woke up around 8:00 AM, ate breakfast, and popped one of these miracle nootropics.

Then I started to work around 9:00 AM.

By 7:30 PM, I was ready to get out of my chair and move around a little. I hadn’t planned on hitting the gym. I usually skip the gym on my Modafinil days.


Because I find clearing a whole day for work has a ton of benefits.

But I was in the mood. I wanted to pump some iron. The Modafinil “High” was still going strong.

So I threw on the compression shorts, grabbed my sweats, and laced up the shoes. It was time to hit the gym.

I was pumped. Energy was raging through my body. Disturbed was flowing through my headphones. I was focused.

The session started off fantastically. I was going hard. Bench press wasn’t an issue. I hit seven heavy sets with easy while downing a bottle of water. Pull-ups felt better than normal. Five sets of 15 reps were nothing.

Then I hit the squat rack. I figured Modafinil and working out was an ideal match. I decided to get aggressive with the squats.

The first couple of sets felt great. I was focused. The form was ideal. Going deep and all that good shit.

Then the fourth set came around…

Modafinil and Working Out

It was my second set at my work rate, the heaviest I’d hit that day.

Around the second rep, the hamstrings started to get tight. I came up and paused for a moment before going back down. And there it was.

I started cramping up. Luckily, I got the weight racked before anything too rough happened.

I hadn’t cramped up in a year or so. I’d been squatting heavy without issues for some time.

But I forgot one thing, Modafinil is an appetite suppressant.

I had forgotten to eat or drink enough water after taking the smart drug.

Issues Combining Modafinil and Gym

So let’s talk about some of the issues when you combine Modafinil and working out.

And trust me when I say, there’s a few of them and you best pay attention. You can screw the body up when going to the gym on Modafinil.

Here why:

  • Water Intake Issues: Modafinil will make you forget to drink water. You won’t “feel” thirsty when you take the smart drug. As such, you’ll probably go to the gym dehydrated when taking Modafinil. Being dehydrated at the gym is never a good idea. In fact, you risk cramping up or even injuring yourself without proper hydration in the gym. Now, if you remember to drink half a gallon or so of water while you’re on Modafinil and then bring a Gatorade to the gym, you can negate this issue completely.
  • No Need to Eat: Modafinil is an incredible appetite suppressant. It’s unlikely you’ll feel any need to eat for 7-10 hours after taking Modafinil. While that’s great for weight loss and intermittent fasting, I’ve never been a fan of fasted gym sessions. I found going to the gym without proper nutrition throughout the day leaves me famished and at greater risk of injury. While on Modafinil, you won’t feel the low energy levels, but this can lead to a higher risk of injury. Overall, I’d recommend being careful when combining Modafinil and the gym for this reason.
  • Joint Pain: My joints feel worse after a day of sitting in a chair for 8-10 hours on Modafinil, especially the lower back and knees. The Modafinil can mask a little of the stiffness, but the day after working out on Modafinil my body feels horrible. Modafinil isn’t ideal for joint pain. There are even cases of Modafinil causing gout. If you plan to hit the gym on Modafinil, I’d recommend keeping things lighter than normal or doing cardio.

Modafinil and Gout information.

  • Not the Best Use of Time: While Modafinil and working out my offer some strength training benefits, they don’t come close to improving cognitive function and productivity while working. If you’re going to take Modafinil, the greatest benefit is derived from the ability to churn out great chunks of focused work. You’re better off working for 12-14 hours while taking Modafinil, then trying to get a marginal benefit in the gym for a few hours.

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Benefits of Modafinil and Working Out

The above was a bit of player hating for those going to the gym on Modafinil. That’s just how I feel.

I didn’t notice enough benefits from taking Modafinil before the gym when compared to the risks. Others disagree. For example:

There are definite reasons why these guys enjoy using Modafinil as more than just a cognitive enhancer.

Modafinil can benefit your workout in a few ways, including:

  • Improved Focus & Energy: Just like Modafinil offers cognitive benefits and extra energy when working or studying, the smart drug can keep you focused at the gym. You’ll feel in tune with the weights and fatigue shouldn’t be an issue when combining the gym and Modafinil. You’ll be able to fight through fatigue and may even see your lifts going up.
  • No Burn: While I didn’t notice this effect, many have said they don’t feel the burn while combining Modafinil and working out. Many claim the burn that comes towards the end of a set just isn’t noticeable after taking this smart drug. Now, this can be a great thing towards breaking plateaus in the gym. Just be careful – too much extra push can lead to injuries.
  • Quickened Pace: Working out on Modafinil is a no-nonsense ordeal. You hit the gym and get straight to work. There’s no dicking around. You move between sets faster than normal. Fatigue isn’t an issue. That’s just how a Modafinil-aided workout goes. You’ll get through the workout around 30% quicker than normal.
  • Body-Mind Connection: Many users experience a strong connection between the body and mind when using Modafinil. This helps to improve form and increase muscle contraction. Overall, this can be a huge benefit when used properly. To enhance the body-mind connection when taking Modafinil, try to use lighter weights than normal, but really tune in on perfect form and strong muscle contraction.

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Modafinil and Working Out | What You Need to Know

Above you’ll find detailed information on using Modafinil while in the gym.

I’m no fan of working out after taking Modafinil, but it’s definitely doable.

Just remember to stay hydrated, eat food, and focus on proper form when using this powerful smart drug in the gym.

Modafinil has many benefits, especially when productivity and focus are of concern.

While Modafinil and working out isn’t for me, I certainly recommend the nootropic for all digital nomads and/or students looking to up output and improve results.

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