How Much Does Modafinil Cost? | The Definitive Guide

How much does Modafinil cost? Well, that depends.

The wide world of online Modafinil pharmacies is always changing. Places close shop all the time. Prices are constantly changing. Bitcoin discounts always fluctuating.

So Modafinil costs all depends on how you buy it, where you buy, and the type of discounts you get.

Thus, there’s a surprising number of factors that come into play when discussing how much Modafinil costs.

Luckily, that’s what I’m here for.

To break it down for you. To show you where to get legit Modafinil for a low price…be it online or at a pharmacy near you.

After working with half a dozen Modafinil vendors over the last year, I know where to look when buying smart drugs and nootropics. I know which vendors offer the lowest prices, fastest shipping, and best customer service.

So let’s dig in!

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll detail:

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If you’re looking for a general overview of Modafinil costs, simply keep on reading this bad boy Everything you need to know is found below.

P.S: This truly should come as no surprise to anyone with a little sense, but I’m a writer and blogger. I am not a doctor or a lawyer. This is certainly not medical or legal advice. This article is solely for entertainment purposes. Always consult a medical professional before you consume any pharmaceutical or smart drug like, like Modafinil. Oh, and don’t forget to read this disclaimer, too.

Modafinil Tablet

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What is Modafinil?

Now, before we get too deep into Modafinil costs, let’s take a look at what the smart drug is and why it’s become so popular these days.

Modafinil was originally developed as a pharmaceutical drug under the brand name, Provigil.

Provigil was created in France during the late 1980s as a wakefulness agent. The drug was meant to treat ailments like (Source):

  • Narcolepsy
  • Shift Sleep Disorder
  • Sleep Apnea

But it didn’t take long for the pharmaceutical drug to become a smart drug. CEOs, online hustlers, and grad students quickly realized how beneficial Modafinil was from a cognitive standpoint.

Thus, high-achievers began using Modafinil instead of Adderall to find benefits like:

  • 12+ hours of laser-like focus
  • Increase retention and memory
  • Improved overall cognition
  • Increased overall productivity and output

It didn’t take long before Modafinil had become the world’s most popular smart drug not named coffee.

Millions of users from around the world take the smart drug each and every week to ensure they get more done, make more money and/or get better grades.

That’s probably why you’re checking out this guide…

Because Modafinil just works!

Modafinil Cost

Buy Modafinil Online or Get a Prescription?

Alright, enough with the Modafinil hype.

The stuff works, but you probably already knew that. It’s time to talk about how much does Modafinil cost and why it’s seemingly so expensive from a pharmacy.

When looking to get your hands on Modafinil, you have a few options. You can either buy Modafinil online or you can get a prescription from the doctor and then go to the pharmacy.

Nowadays, most people are choosing to buy Modafinil online. Why? Well, here’s a few reasons:

  • Buy high-quality generic Modafinil online is often cheaper than getting a prescription and filling it with your insurance.
  • You’re guaranteed to get your hands on Modafinil. When you go to the doctor, it’s ultimately the doctors choice and not yours.
  • It’s easier to order online these days.

It’s generally cheaper, easier, and faster to order Modafinil online than try and get a prescription from your doctor.

While you want to understand a few things about Modafinil and the law, you shouldn’t have any issues these days. I’m no lawyer, but I’ve yet to hear about any person getting into legal troubles for importing Modafinil for personal use.

Well, no one has gotten in trouble in the western world. In Japan, that’s a different story ;(

And by different story, I mean major problem…

Don’t buy Modafinil online in Japan, ladies and gentlemen.

What Does Modafinil Cost?

When talking exact numbers regarding how much does Modafinil cost, I wanted to look at my three favorite smart drug vendors.

The three vendors listed below offer great pricing, fast shipping, and guaranteed delivery. Aka you have no risk when buying from these guys.

However, there’s one more thing you should know…

These online Modafinil vendors are reliable. They offer great customer service and are trustworthy.

So…let’s dive a little deeper and see which vendor offers better pricing overall. We’ll compare pricing on Modalert 200 mg to keep things fair.

How much does Modafinil cost these days?

Let’s take a look:

  • Afinil Express

As one of the premier Modafinil vendors on the Internet, Afinil Express does a damn good job getting you Modafinil for a great price.

While you’ll find Modafinil costs from Afinil Express a little more expensive than other vendors in many cases, there’s still little doubt these guys are one of the best sellers around.

I’ve yet to hear of anyone having a bad experience with Afinil Express.

Generally, you’ll end up paying $0.98 to $2.80 USD per 200 mg serving of Modalert when buying from this online pharmacy…

Afinil Express pricing.

Afinil Express pricing.

Afinil Express also offers a 20% Bitcoin discount. Thus, you can get an even better deal.

When buying with Bitcoin, you can get Modalert 200 mg from Afinil Express for $0.79 USD per serving!

That’s a steal if you ask me.

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  • Buy Moda

Another online Modafinil pharmacy with great pricing is Buy Moda.

Buy Moda is a newer online Modafinil seller, but I’ve found these guys do a damn good job in every which way.

Not only are their Modafinil costs low, but they also offer some of the best customer service in the industry. With rapid email response times and live chat, these guys are always around to help you out.

They offer guaranteed delivery and free shipping like any legit online Modafinil vendor too. Plus, they’re the only seller that ships Modafinil to Canada.

Pricing wise…

I’d say Buy Moda offers some of the cheapest Modafinil around. I mean just look at these Modalert prices from this vendor:

Buy Moda pricing.

Buy Moda pricing.

With Modalert pricing ranging from $0.97 to $2.17 per pill, you’ll find Modafinil for cheap from Buy Moda – especially when ordering small quantities.

Plus, you’ll find that Buy Moda also offers a 20% Bitcoin discount too.

Meaning you can grab Modalert for less that $0.78 USD per pill when buying from these guys!

Another incredible deal.

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  • Modafinil Star

If you’re looking to keep your Modafinil costs absolutely as low as humanly possible, then this is probably the vendor to go with.

Modafinil Star sells Modalert 200 mg tablets for roughly $0.90 to $1.50 USD per serving.

That’s CHEAP!

I’ve yet to find a cheaper Modafinil pharmacy that is actually *legit* on the Internet, especially when buying Modalert.

Just look at these costs…

Modafinil Star pricing.

Modafinil Star pricing.

Furthermore, these guys offer one hell of a Bitcoin discount too.

You’ll find a 20% discount from these guys when using cryptocurrency, but you’ll also get a 25% increase in pills on your order.


Let’s say you buy Modafinil from this vendor. 300 pills for $270 USD. Then you get a 20% discount and another 25% extra servings.

You’d get 375 Modalert 200 mg pills for $216 bucks.

Or less than $0.56 USD per pill!

This is the absolute cheapest way to buy Modafinil online as of writing. You simply can’t keep Modafinil costs any lower than this.

Plus, Modafinil Star is a stellar vendor, and offers great shipping times and customer service.

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How Much Does Provigil Cost With Insurance?

Now, it’s hard to say exactly how much Provigil or generic Modafinil costs with a prescription these days.

Every pharmacy has different prices and each insurer covers differ medications and costs. Suffice to say, there’s no exact answer here.

It depends on where you live, the type of Modafinil you’re prescribed, your insurance plan, and much more.

Now, some numbers from the past show Modafinil costing insane amounts. Just look at these prices:

modafinil cost with insurance

That’s pricey.

These days you won’t end up paying this much for Provigil and certainly not this much for generic Modafinil.

You can get Modafinil for a fairly reasonable price from places like Costco these days, but you absolutely must have a Modafinil prescription from a doctor. With a prescription, they cannot legally sell the smart drug to you.

Some have found they can get generic Modafinil for around $1.50 USD per 200 mg serving from Costco on a monthly basis.

But again, you must have a prescription. On top of that, many insurance companies will require a sleep lab test before agreeing to pay for your Modafinil.

While prices are lowering in pharmacies around the United States, it’s still pretty difficult to buy the nootropic in a pharmacy here.

While my memory is a little fuzzy, I believe I paid around $60 USD for 30 generic 100 mg Modafinil pills from the pharmacy with my insurance. Not bad, but certainly more expensive than anything I could have bought online.

Modafinil Costs | The Verdict?

Overall, you’ll generally be able to save money by buying Modafinil online from one of the recommended vendors above, especially when compared to filling a prescription after visiting the doctor.

Nowhere in the United States will you be able to find 200 mg of Modafinil for as low as $0.56 per serving.

That’s simply unheard of!

TL | DR…

How much does Modafinil cost?

Generally, between $0.56-2.80 USD per 200 mg serving when ordering from a legitimate online pharmacy.

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