HighStreet Pharma Review | Legit Online Modafinil Vendor?

After receiving my initial order from this online Modafinil pharmacy, I wanted to write a HighStreet Pharma review right quick.

There’s a lot of Modafinil vendors out there these days. So many people may have questions about how legit this pharmacy actually is.

I’m here to answer those questions and more.

See, being around the Modafinil industry for years now, I’ve figured out how to tell a legit Modafinil vendor from a scam site with the quickness.

Luckily, you won’t have to worry about much with these guys!

In this detailed review, I’ll breakdown everything you need to know about HighStreet Pharma — including:

P.S: It must be noted that I am not a doctor or a lawyer. This HighStreet Pharma review is not legal or medical advice. The content should be viewed as entertainment. Please consult a medical professional before consuming any nootropics, like Modafinil. Also, please read my full disclaimer.

What is Modafinil?

Before we dive too deep into this review, let’s take a look at what Modafinil is and why people love this nootropic so much.

Modafinil was originally created as a “eugeroic” decades ago in France. A eugeroic is essentially a compound created to promote wakefulness in patients (Source).

Modafinil was initially created to do exactly that in patients that suffered from frustrating ailments like: narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and shift sleep disorder.

Any condition that caused excessive daytime sleepiness could be combated with a Modafinil tablet.

Eventually, people began realizing how many “off-the-label” uses Modafinil had. Many high-performers on Wall Street, at Ivy League colleges, and in Silicon Valley quickly found taking Modafinil could give them an edge over the competition.


Because Modafinil offers impressive benefits from a cognitive standpoint:

  • Improved overall cognition
  • Faster mental processing
  • Increased memory retention
  • Heightened focus
  • Increased overall work output
  • …And more!

It didn’t take long for the word to spread about the insane cognitive benefits of Modafinil. Before too long, everybody wanted to get their hands on the nootropic. In fact, the smart drug quickly became the most popular nootropic in the world.

Because Modafinil just works when talking about cognitive enhancement!

Who is HighStreet Pharma?

Now that we know a little bit about Modafinil, let’s take a look at who HighStreet Pharma is and what they do well. As a newer online Modafinil vendor, these guys have a lot to prove.

Luckily, HighStreet Pharma passes the tests with flying colors — which is why I decided to review them.

This online Modafinil vendor offers a number of nootropics, pharmaceutical products, and fast shipping times.

They’re a newer operation, but clearly understand how to sell nootropics online for cheap and know exactly what they’re doing with regards to selling Modafinil.

You will get high-quality generic Modafinil and Armodafinil shipped to you with speed when ordering here!

Modvigil 200mg

What Nootropics Does HighStreet Pharma Sell?

As a newer online pharmacy as of writing, HighStreet Pharma has decided to stick to the basics here. They don’t offer a ton of nootropic products currently.

These guys are sticking to the best generic Modafinil and Armodafinil products available on the market. HighStreet Pharma sells:

When talking generic nootropics, you really don’t need any other products. These four smart drugs more than get the job done and offer impressive cognitive enhancement.

HighStreet Pharma also offers a plethora of other products, but they’re not of concern to most readers of mine — as we focus on nootropics and cognitive enhancement around here.

HighStreet Pharma Review | Pros and Cons

Let’s dig into the meat and potatoes of this review and see exactly what HighStreet Pharma does well — and where they falter.

Here’s what I like about HighStreet Pharma:

  • Fast Shipping: You’ll find quick shipping times when ordering Modafinil from HighStreet. My order arrived in 8 days to the USA. Orders to Canada and Australia tend to take 7-14+ days, while UK orders arrive in 3-7+ days. That’s pretty fast all around the board.
  • Cheap Prices: This is one of the cheapest places to buy Modafinil online as of writing. You won’t find a cheaper online Modafinil pharmacy these days. If you’re looking to save money, you should consider ordering here.
  • Discreet Packaging: Your Modafinil order will come in a discreetly packaged envelope from HighStreet Pharma. No one will know what’s inside — including customs 😉
  • Guaranteed Delivery: You will get your Modafinil from HighStreet Pharma or you get the options of getting your money back or having them send another shipment. You have nothing to worry about when ordering here.
  • Reliable Customer Service: The team here is exceptionally reliable and will follow up with you when you ask about products, your order, etc. The customer service is more than solid for a Modafinil vendor.
  • Easy Payment Options: While these guys don’t accept credit cards, they do accept giftcards paid for by credit card — which is an easy payment method. You can also order with BTC and other crypto. You’ll receieve a nice discount and bonus tablets when ordering with crypto, as well. I always try to buy my nootropics with crypto just to get these discounts.

Here’s some things I didn’t like:

  • Too Many Products: While HighStreet Pharma offers the best generic Nootropics on the market, they also have a number of other products on their website — which can create confusion. Not a big deal, but a bit annoying when trying to navigate back to the nootropics page.
  • New Vendor: This is one of the newest online Modafinil vendors. So we will see how things progress with HighStreet Pharma. So far, so good! I’m definitely a fan of these guys thus far.
  • 30-Day Wait: I prefer for Modafinil vendors to come through on their guaranteed delivery a little bit quicker than 30-days. While you won’t have any risk getting your money back here if the product doesn’t get delivered, a 30-day wait is quite long.

Countries HighStreet Pharma Doesn’t Ship to?

This is always something that becomes a sticking point for a handful of my readers…

Does this online Modafinil vendor ship to my country?

Well, I don’t like any guesswork. So I had HighStreet Pharma send over a full list of the countries they do NOT ship to. Luckily, there’s only a few countries these guys won’t ship to:

Austria, Algeria, Armenia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Croatia, Czech, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Sweden, Taiwan, Hungary, Israel, Pakistan, South Africa or the United Arab Emirates

If you live anywhere else in the world, you can order Modafinil online from HighStreet Pharma and expect your order to arrive within 15/days after payment.

No risks and no worries!

My Top Nootropics Selection

If you’re looking to get nootropics on the cheap, then I highly recommended checking out HighStreet Pharma.

But you may be wondering…

What generic nootropic product do I select?

That’s where I come in. After testing dozens upon dozens of different nootropics over the years, I’m uniquely positioned to breakdown the best products and help you find what you need to succeed.

If you’re looking for the absolute best generic Modafinil product available, then I recommend sticking with Modalert.

Modalert is a potent and powerful nootropic that offers up to 15+ hours of cognitive enhancement and insane focus. Highly recommended overall.

Now, some people are just looking to save money when buying Modafinil online. If that’s you, then we have a different recommendation.

The cheapest form of generic Modafinil available is Modvigil.

Modvigil is a solid product and offers great cognitive enhancement. Some even prefer it to Modalert. Personally, I prefer Modalert — but there’s not denying how cheap Modvigil is.

Modalert 200 tablets

HighStreet Pharma | The Verdict?


I wrote this HighStreet Pharma review because I believe these guys do a solid job shipping Modafinil to many countries around the world.

While there’s a number of decent Modafinil pharmacies available these days, HighStreet does a great job offering some of the cheapest prices in the industry.

You’ll also find the customer service staff does a solid job — due to working in the industry in years past.



After utilizing nootropics for the better part of a decade, I realized the potent results these products produce -- with regards to productivity and cognitive enhancement. Soon thereafter, I became obsessed with finding the premier smart drugs on the market. Then using them to improve my life. When I'm not devouring everything I can about nootropics and the science behind why they work, you'll find me traveling around the world or in the gym.

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