Best Alpha Brain Alternatives – Ultimate Guide | 2019 Edition

As one of the most popular nootropics on the market, Alpha Brain has quite a following. But the smart drug isn’t for everyone. So, I wanted to talk a bit about my favorite Alpha Brain alternatives.

Just like a number of smart drugs, Alpha Brain works. The stuff works damn well and was one of the first nootropics I ever tried. It’s the reason I’ve become a smart drug-addicted online hustler.

Ok, that came out wrong.

The point is Alpha Brain is solid. But, while it works well, the smart drug isn’t perfect. The nootropic isn’t as powerful as Modafinil or as cheap as Neuro-Peak.

But there’s a little more to it…

Thus, I wanted to throw together this list of Alpha Brain alternatives. If you’ve tried out Alpha Brain and now want to dive deeper into the wide world of nootropics, you’re in the perfect place.

Let’s find the perfect smart drug for you!

Alpha Brain alternative

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P.S: I am not a doctor. This is not medical advice, nor is this article legal advice. This article is simply entertainment. Always consult with a medical professional before consuming any nootropic, like Alpha Brain and the others listed below. Oh, and don’t forget to read our disclaimer. 

What is Alpha Brain?

Before we dive too deep into Alpha Brain alternatives, let’s talk about what the smart drug is and why it’s become so darn popular.

Alpha Brain is a nootropic developed by Onnit Labs in 2011. The smart drug was created to be one of the premier over-the-counter (OTC) cognitive enhancers in the world.

Overall, Onnit Labs Alpha Brain achieved their goal. They created one of the best OTC smart drugs around. This nootropic works quite well (Source), which is especially true when you consider you can easily order it from Amazon – with little hassle.

Not only that, Alpha Brain has numerous celebrity endorsers and has been scientifically proven to be one of the best brain supplements around. Just check out this research study.

The benefits of Alpha Brain are vast, with most users reporting:

  • Better Focus
  • Improved Memory and Retention
  • Enhanced Mood
  • Better Sleep Quality
  • Increased Cognition Function

The benefits and side effects of Alpha Brain is a whole different piece. We’re here to talk about Alpha Brain alternatives.

Overall, Alpha Brain works for many individuals. You will find cognitive enhancement and improved focus.

But it’s not Modafinil. This nootropic won’t take you from slacker to genius simply by popping a magic pill. Ok, Modafinil isn’t magic, but it’s damn close.

Still, Alpha Brain is beneficial and overall, a safe nootropic to use. Many beginners to the wide world of smart drugs will love it.

Squad heavy.

Squad heavy.

7 Fantastic Alpha Brain Alternatives

Alright, enough with all the ado, let’s dive in and take a look at alternatives to Alpha Brain that are sure to offer massive cognitive benefits.

Here’s a few of my favorites:

  • Modafinil

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Modafinil. Hell, I’m a Modalert groupie. Don’t judge me. But the smart drug just works so darn well.

If you pop 100-200 mg of Modafinil in the early morning, you’ll be locked in and focused for a solid 10-12 hours. It’s almost guaranteed – unless you’re a rare non-responder.

Overall, Modafinil is the world’s most popular and famous smart drug not named coffee. If you’re looking to feel limitless, then this is the nootropic for you.

To learn a little more about Modafinil, check out a few of these pieces:

If you’re ready to buy one of the most powerful smart drugs in the world, then Modafinil is for you. Just understand that technically Modafinil is a prescription drug used to treat narcolepsy.

Using Modafinil as a smart drug is an off-the-label use. But that’s why it works and gives you an edge over the competition.

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Armodafinil Smart Drug

  • Armodafinil

If Modafinil is Batman, then Armodafinil is Robin. Yeah, that’s about right. See, Armodafinil works damn well, too.

The nootropic is just a little weaker than Modafinil. What do I mean exactly? Well, let me explain.

Armodafinil lasts about 8-12 hours when it’s fully kicked in. Modafinil tends to last 12+ hours fully kicked in.

As such, the half-life of Armodafinil is a little shorter than Modafinil. This is a downer for some. For others, this is ideal. Why?

Because you can take Armodafinil in the morning or early afternoon and still have a reasonable chance of getting to sleep before midnight. With Modafinil, that’s somewhat unlikely.

Chemically, Armodafinil and Modafinil are exceptionally similar. Armodafinil features a one-enantiomer structure, aka only Armodafinil. Meanwhile, Modafinil has two-enantiomers – both Modafinil and the R-enantiomer, Armodafinil (Source).

Learn more about Armodafinil here:

Overall, Armodafinil is pretty dope, too. If you’re just looking to work for 8-10 hours straight instead of pulling all-nighters, it may be the best Alpha Brain alternative around.

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  • Neuro-Peak

If you’re looking for something that’s cheap as can be and non-prescription, then Neuro-Peak might be the ideal nootropic for your needs.

First, you can order Neuro-Peak on Amazon. It’s easy to get your hands on this bad boy.

Next, everything about Neuro-Peak is 100% legal. There’s no grey areas here, mate. You can try it and buy it without any issues – although you won’t have issues buying anything on this list. Trust me.

With thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon, Neuro-Peak is one of the most popular over-the-counter nootropics around. Seriously, people love this stuff. Why?

Because Neuro-Peak works. The smart drug is stronger than a couple cups of coffee, but doesn’t offer any minor side effects like some of the alternatives on this list.

Plus, the formulation of Neuro-Peak is fairly similar to that of Alpha Brain. For example, both these nootropics contain Bacopa Monnieri as one of the main ingredients.

For newbies to the wide world of smart drugs, this stuff is a great place to start. Just click the button below to test out Neuro-Peak sooner than later:

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  • Phenibut

Ayyyeee, if you’re looking to boost creativity, then Phenibut might be tight. For real, this is one of the best nootropics for creatives.

Seriously, there’s not a better nootropic for creativity around. The stuff will have ideas flowing and your mood enhanced. You’ll feel alive, again – and ready to socialize or create something sweet.

For some reason, Phenibut tends to lower my inhibitions and allows me to accept ideas I’d normally reject for being too different.

I can still get some stuff done while taking Phenibut, but it’s not as ideal for focus as Alpha Brain or Modafinil.

I tend to only take this stuff when working on an article filled with personality or when striving to come up with outside-the-box ideas.

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  • Adrafinil

Adrafinil is another legal Alpha Brain alternative. It’s stronger than most things on this list sans Modafinil and Armodafinil.

In fact, I like to compare Adrafinil to Modafinil like this…

If Armodafinil is Modafinil’s little brother, then Adrafinil is Modafinil’s little nephew. See, Adrafinil essentially converts to Modafinil after ingestion (Source).

So, you’ll find Modafinil-like effects when taking Adrafinil. But it will never be as strong or last as long as the real stuff.

Overall, I believe the benefits of Adrafinil stem from the legalities of the smart drug and it’s shorter half-life.

Although Adrafinil is not currently sold on Amazon, it is 100% legal. As well, the smart drug tends to last 6-8 hours and offer minimal side effects. Many people grinding in a nine-to-five job will find the benefits of Adrafinil absolutely ideal.

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  • Sulbutiamine

Unless you’re a nootropic junkie, you’ve probably not heard much about Sulbutiamine. It’s not as known as Alpha Brain or as powerful as Modafinil. But the stuff works pretty darn well, too.

I’ve found Sulbutiamine to be a nice middle ground. The smart drug offers solid cognitive enhancement and improved focus, while still offering enhanced creativity. A rare combination.

Sulbutiamine is also 100% legal and easy to get your hands on, as it’s sold on Amazon. I take Sulbutiamine about once a month, but the half-life seems to vary. Sometimes I get 5-6 hours of solid concentration, other days 8-9 hours of focus isn’t far off.

Essentially, Sulbutiamine is a derivative of Thiamine, aka Vitamin B1 (Source). The smart drug was developed in Japan to treat fatigue.

For hustlers, digital expats and students – Sulbutiamine does that and so much more. While it wouldn’t be my first recommendation for those looking to test smart drugs, it’s a great Alpha Brain alternative when cycling different nootropics.

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  • Coffee 

Ok, so this isn’t the sexiest smart drug on the market. Hell, many don’t even consider coffee a smart drug or nootropics.

But make no mistake about, coffee is the world’s most popular smart drug.

Caffeine, which coffee clearly has in spades, has been proven to offer numerous nootropic benefits.

I certainly don’t need to tell you how many people MUST drink a little joe before going to the office every morning. We’re all addicted to coffee because the lifeblood of champions actually works.

Yes, coffee fuels the dreams of champions – and closers!

Now, I’m a fan of mixing other nootropics with coffee. In fact, I’m not even sure it’s legit to label coffee an Alpha Brain alternative.

Because you can definitely combine coffee with Alpha Brain to great effect. But, you could also just drink an extra cup of coffee a day and get a little extra cognitive enhancement.

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Alpha Brain Alternatives | Worth the Money?

Overall, the Alpha Brain alternatives above get the job done.

You’ll find impressive cognitive benefits from each one, although the strength and uses of each nootropic listed vary.

I’m a fan of every smart drug listed above. And there’s no denying Alpha Brain is more than legit. However, the king of nootropics is Modafinil.

If you’re looking to step up from the minors and start slugging in the majors, then I strongly recommend giving Modafinil a try.

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Alpha Brain Alternatives




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