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Welcome to Nootropics Advsior!

The name is Jake and I’ve gotta be honest with you…

I’m a straight up junkie.

Many would refer to me as a nootropics addict. Completely addicted to cognitive enhancement and improving mental performance in every which way.

But I’m not a doctor. I’m no scientist.

I am one thing:


Absolutely obsessed with figuring out everything you need to know about the world’s best nootropics and smart drugs.

About how to use cutting edge science to figure out things like:

  • Which nootropics are the best?
  • What smart drug dosages are ideal?
  • How to stay safe when taking nootropics?
  • Where to buy nootropics online?
  • Should you be worried about smart drug side effects?

That obsession led me to create this site, Nootropics Advisor — which in my completely unbiased opinion has become the ultimate resource for all things cognitive enhancement on the interwebs.

I won’t bore you with my whole life story here, but I’ll leave you with one final thing:

The information on nootropics and smart drugs found throughout this website can make you a significantly more productive individual. You’ll only find the ‘best of the best’ when combining nootropics and cutting-edge science from me.

I guarantee it.